YOURS - yo͝orz/  

Used to refer to the person or persons whom a thing belongs.

 In this case YOUR IDENTITY belongs solely to you.

note from the team

We don't want you giving out your personal information to strangers and we encourage you to think before signing up with just any verification company. We protect your valuable personal information in a highly secured platform. We have the servers, knowledge and teams in place to make your experience nothing but positive. Our technology and algorithms are tested to be as accurate as possible. 

Our company was founded on the principle of safety and accuracy and high end customer service. We don't compromise or take short cuts when it comes to keeping you safe.  After all, the founder of our company went through this personally and lost over 1.5 Million of her hard earned savings to one man who changed her life forever. You have to have lived this to be able to empathize and make a difference. We understand and that is why we are fighting for you. 

We are taking this matter to Congress and asking that this crime to be charged as a Class D Felony as it should be. Without a doubt, it's one of the most dangerous and deceptive scams out there. Romance scams are unlawful, harmful, and life threatening. It's absolutely unjust if we allow these predators and con artists to steal from us and take everything we have worked so hard to obtain. 

We want to be the change we seek. Therefore, we are not going to sit back and wait for another person to make policy. With your help and you referring our site to your friends and family and anyone you care about, together we will make a difference.  Please do not let your trust over rule your logic. TRUST BUT VERIFY !

Please help us in our fight and sign our petition to Congress. Its quick and it will make a difference in stopping this one and for all. 



 The mission of YID is to elevate and improve the online social networking and dating experience by creating a community of Verified individuals. We are a PERSONAL identification verification check system that uses Government backed data and multiple modalities of Biometrics to ensure that you are who you say you are. This will give others that view you and your profile anywhere online the assurance and confidence to engage socially, professionally or personally. YID also has B2B elements that will help assist in the assurance of its applicants for the hiring and vetting process.  

 It is our purpose at YID to provide the premiere safe and secure venue for the vast online social media, dating and networking community to interact. Members of the YOORZ VERIFIED COMMUNITY will also have the ability to do CHECKS ON THE GO wherever whenever right from their phones ensuring safety and security anywhere.  It is time that we start knowing who is really behind the screen and taking back control of who we let into our lives. YID  is for everyone. From parents that want a more safe and secure online space for their children knowing their friends are age appropriate, to the business owner who wants to know their new business partner is not a scammer, to the online dater that just wants to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right and not be catfished or victimized by a romance scammer and for the social networker who just wants to make and meet real friends and not bots or con artists.   



 Friends don't let friends accept friend requests unless they have been verified by Yoorz! Y ID has an instant verification process.


With Yoorz, you can verify the persons age, height, weight, etc., prior to showing up for the first date. What you see is what you get. No more disappointing dates. 


Yoorz is for business. Easily check potential new hire's, partners, associates, etc. Verify professional licenses to ensure they are current and valid. Just remember that if a person has nothing to hide then they should be willing to provide you the necessary information to prove their identity.


We encourage you to get as much information as possible from the person with whom you are just meeting at a bar, gym, travel etc or speaking with offline as well. You can ask for a business card, first and last name, phone number, residing city, etc.  Enter this basic information and let Yoorz do its' search to allow you immediate results on a person giving you the opportunity to make an informed choice to engage with a person or not. Knowledge is power!


Yoorz on the go phone app allows you to perform a search query directly from your phone. Its fast and simple! Enter the information you have received, and Y ID provides you with a "go" or “no go" score. Now you have the information which allows you to make a decision on the spot. We know that not everyone will always be in front their computer so we wanted you to be able to access information "ON THE GO" anywhere at anytime. YOUR safety is YOORZ goal.


Ensure the entire family is protected and safe by using Yoorz. You can verify that your children are protected from predators with Yoorz by verifying that the people they are meeting in chat rooms, on social media sites and other gaming sites are all age appropriate. 



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